Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Refocus

I've been missing from this blog for a while. I had a series of frustrating experiences and some rejections in new things I've tried to do.

It made me think about what I actually like to do and what I'm maybe actually good at. Being a mother to my three children is certainly one of them. But being a mother can be exhausting and sometimes I just didn't want to sit down and blog about it when the day was done.

But what I have liked without fail for the last thirty years (probably more), is books. Specifically children's books. I'm known as a book nerd and am often asked for book recommendations for kids of lots of different ages. So I started a new blog with a focus on children's books, literacy, reading, and writing. It is something I'm always passionate about, always doing, and always want to talk about.

So if you have kids and want them to read. Or if you like reading kids' books. Come and follow me here:

Tesseract Books