Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preschool: Ocean Animals

My three-year-old would love to go to school. But as cool as she thinks backpacks and school buses are, she's definitely not ready emotionally to be in preschool. So we're doing "preschool" at home. I made a schedule and everything. My sister in another state is doing the same with her son and the cousins are going to skype and show each other their projects.

This week we talked about ocean animals. (Last week was zoo animals. We went to the zoo. The end.) I got out our Planet Earth DVDs and we watched some clips of ocean animals. Throughout the day we talked about what lives in the ocean and we made a list. I printed off pictures of whales and dolphins and we figured out what was biggest and what was longest. I printed off a coloring page of a shark and she colored it. That afternoon we watched Finding Nemo to figure out what other animals live in the ocean that we hadn't thought of yet.

And very fittingly (and unplanned) Daddy came home early and took her fishing (so it was a pond, not the ocean, but still, it had fish).

I meant to go over the letter A last week, but never got to it. And I'm still not sure how to teach letters. Any advice?

Our wall of projects.

Which is biggest? Which is longest?

Note the first three on our list. This was all my daughter. She told me: fishes, sharks, and little fishes.

Coloring page (with more than one color!).

Field trip: going fishing.

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  1. I have an idea for letters. Every day we make a letter poster. As the kids color the background I talk about what sound the letters make and words that start with it as I'm making a construction paper cut out of the letter. Then I show Kizzy how to write the letter by demonstrating. She then traces my letter then tries to make her own. After that we have a box of random stickers and we find as many stickers as we can of words that start with that letter. If we can't find stickers we draw pictures. We did the letter H today and the only stickers we had were a hippo and some hearts. So we wrote our last name and drew pictures of "Happy" faces "Hair" "Hats" and "Houses". Yesterday the only G stickers we had was a giraffe and Goofy so we found pictures of our Grandmas and Grandpas and added those. We finish every poster by signing our names (both kids can now recite the letters in both first names) I reinforce the letters we've already done by finding them on cereal boxes, newspapers, etc... since we've started Kizzy has correctly identified every letter we've done which has doubled the letters she knew from before.