Thursday, March 7, 2013

ABC, Sing with Me!

My three-year-old daughter loves the alphabet. She can sing the ABC song easily, and after going through some flashcards yesterday, I learned that she knows over half of the letters by sight. All without going to preschool or me focusing on teaching her. We talk about letters when we see them. And she occasionally watches Super Why! (Did any parents catch the reference in the title?)

Watching her learn the alphabet and their corresponding sounds is an interesting endeavor. The ABCs can be tricky. Y is just a V with a tail, so they're easy to get mixed up. X and K have similar issues--I never would have thought of getting those two mixed up, but she does all the time. And they do indeed look similar.

But the trickiest part of the learning the alphabet is the sounds and all the helpful kids' alphabet books with illustrations. Sometimes going through an ABC book sounds something like this:

A is for: Plane! (airplane)
D is for: Puppy! (dog)
N is for: Read! (newspaper)
R is for: Bunny! (rabbit)
U is for: Map! (a U.S. map)
V is for: Yacuum! (okay, that one's a pronunciation problem)

If we can't put her in preschool next year, I definitely need to buckle down and learn how to teach her the alphabet. And all those other things they're supposed to know before Kindergarten these days. But since she has picked up so much without ever focusing on it, I'm certain she'll have no problem with it once we do. I'm looking forward to my daughter being able to read to me someday.

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  1. Such a smart girl. The English language is so tricky too! I hope Ella will be as smart as all her cousins