Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I am so glad that I have two children. Sisters to love each other, play together, even fight with each other.

But there are times when I am torn because I am only one person. Sharing a lap is certainly a good thing. But I am torn about what to do on a day when my oldest will be having a minor surgery and spending a day in the hospital. How do I balance being there for her as much as she needs me and not giving my toddler, who has rarely been away from me at all, a traumatizing day of being left with people she barely knows? How on earth do parents with terminally ill children do it?


  1. I understand this feeling! I bet, in this case, Noelle will be blessed and feel comfortable enough to make it throughout the day with people you trust, so you can be with Ivy! Prayers for you guys! <3 <3

  2. I have had to leave my children for various reasons. The hardest was leaving Kizzy at 14 months with a girl in my ward that I didn't know very well so I could be with Kyle during his surgery. Then of course I left Kizzy and Kendal for Grandpa's funeral and all 3 for Jeff's wedding. I know it's very hard for Noelle to leave you. I personally have come to the conclusion that occasionally it can be good for them to have those days spent with other people. It gives them new experiences that you can't give them because it's experiencing a day being cared for in a new environment, even if it's hard for her, I'll bet Noelle learns and grows from it.