Friday, January 17, 2014

Not Noticing

Yesterday I walked across the grass to get the mail. And noticed that I don't notice the grass anymore.

Less than a year ago when we moved to Florida, everything was strange and unfamiliar, even the grass. The blades of grass are long and coarse (it's easy to keep it green in this climate--but it doesn't exactly invite you to take off your shoes and  walk through it).There are palm trees everywhere, there's a pond or lake on every corner, and the birds are large and weird.

Apparently we've adjusted more quickly than I realized, even though I still feel new here. My daughter rarely points out palm trees (she only points out the huge ones now; she used to exclaim over every one we saw). I don't notice the water everywhere, I don't cringe when I see the rough lawns, and I only notice the weird birds if they're crossing the street in front of me.

We've even acclimated to the humidity apparently. It's not nearly as oppressing during the winter and I don't even notice it right now. My husband said that people coming to train here from out of town complain about how humid it is. I thought that was weird until we went away for Christmas. When we came back, I felt the humidity again. But only for a few minutes.

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