Friday, August 1, 2014

3 a.m. Feedings

Sometimes 3 a.m. feedings aren't that bad--at least when you're breastfeeding. As your baby grows, you can even do it in bed and fall asleep during it. My baby still isn't great at latching in bed, so I get up and sit in a chair with a dim light on. Both baby and I stay sleepy so it's easy to go back to sleep when he's done eating. Most of the time.

And then there are 3 a.m. feedings that go like this:

Baby eats. 
Baby throws up everything he's eaten all over both of you.
Husband changes baby while you change. 
Husband goes to bed.
You sit down with the baby and the baby poops.
You change the poopy diaper.
While you're wiping the baby's bum, baby poops right into your hand (thankfully the wipe catches it all).
Once baby finishes pooping all over, you put a fresh diaper on him.
You sit down with the baby and the baby poops again.
You change the baby again and finish feeding him.
You finally get him asleep, but you're wide awake.

But you know, at least he didn't pee on me. It could have been worse.

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