Monday, February 18, 2013

His Turn

I always thought I would work after I had children. At the time, that was the point of going to college. I know there are other benefits like gaining knowledge, expanding my horizons, and being an example to my children. But I didn't go to school with a stay-at-home mom role in mind.

I know how blessed I am that my husband makes enough so that I can stay home full-time with my young children. I'm reminded of that when I hear other mothers I know having to go back to work and leave their babies behind. But every once in a while, I get antsy. I wish for a break from my children and wonder what the point of my schooling (and subsequent student debt is for). Once I even started considering the ways that I could go back to work, even part time. But after prayer and contemplation, I knew that it's my husband's turn to be out in the world, not mine. This quote helps me feel at peace with that:

“There is time enough for achieving financial success, accolades, and ‘getting ahead’ besides the first years of your child’s life.” – Mayim Bialik, PhD

I bring this up now because my husband's work has taken him to Denmark. I was talking with another mother yesterday who said, with quite a bit of sadness in her voice, that her husband had traveled all over the world and seen so many amazing things with his job. And she was always at home with the kids. 

I feel a little bit envious that my husband is off doing cool things while I'm at home with the kids doing the same old things. But there's comfort in knowing that I am here for my children during their most formative years. And I look forward to the time I will have and things I will do once my youngest is in school. But for now, I'll enjoy the snuggles from my little ones and getting to sleep in as long as they do.

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