Tuesday, February 5, 2013


My Girls with their Daddy. Pic taken by Grandma at Grandma's house.

Our family just enjoyed a short trip to see extended family. And it was one of the last times our little family will be together for a while. Daddy flew out for a conference the day after we got home from our trip. He'll be home this weekend, and then he'll be gone for a month. Then home for two days. Then gone for a month. And so on until we move across the country to Florida.

Moving is rough on kids, no matter their age. My oldest was 18 months when we moved into a new house and she spent the first few weeks afraid because she didn't know where to find me in the house if I was around the corner. The house was too big and too unfamiliar. As they get older, all the other familiar, routine things in their life are disrupted with a move. I'm pretty sure my daughter could give you directions on how to get to various stores and church from our house. She has friends here she's comfortable with and she knows her teachers and classmates at church. When we move, we'll leave all that behind and everything and everyone will be strange to her. My youngest will be almost 18 months and because of my experience with my first, I know that she will notice the differences. She couldn't crawl yet when we moved here, so this is the only house she has explored. Not to mention kids picking up on the stress that parents feel during the move.

It's not like our life is exactly stable up until we move. Daddy is usually gone and won't be home long enough to adjust to him being back home before he leaves again. Even before the packers come, I am going through our stuff and getting rid of lots of it.

As I contemplated the coming months, I struggled with the thought that nothing in my girls' life will be stable and steadfast. Kids need routine and familiarity--they need something certain, something they can always count on to be there. And then I realized that they do have that--it's me, their mother. Daddy leaves, but Mommy stays. We'll be in a new state and a new house, but Mommy will be there with them. Which made me realize even more the importance of me staying centered and sane and calm for them. Any ideas on how to do that? My world is being turned upside down too.


  1. Relish the small and simple things. Praying with your family, reading books together, cuddling with your girls while watching a movie. Soaking in those small and simple things can help keep you sane.

  2. I don't know if this will help, but one thing I remember learning in seminary, is that not matter where you go in the world, the sacrament and church routine is always the same. Yes her teachers and what not will be different, but the Spirit and reverence and routine is the same. That might be some thing helpful to cling to. Just a thought